The salty sea air is good for us. Many materials of ships, boats or yachts are different. Without proper sealing, they quickly use extreme weather conditions. With specialists servFaces, the internal and external areas are protected from stains and environmental influences even in the open sea.


In the water there are fascinating creatures. Seaweed, shellfish or seashells are one of the survivors among them. They like to feel comfortable in Schiffbauch. However, this will permanently damage the media material. Overhead, salty air and sunlight provide poor visibility and rapid wear of the material.

The cover for yachts from servFaces is the most difficult coating on the surface of gelcoat. It creates an anti-stick effect that reduces pollution in a sustainable and environmentally safe way. They also prevent chalking (decay by ultraviolet radiation) and calcification. The servFaces formula for glass surfaces in the shipping zone provides clear visibility. Optimization of the hydrophobic surface does not give any salts containing water spots.

Textiles and leather in the interior are emphasized by salt water and solar radiation. Carelessly located drinks, oils or alcohol spots make the interior unsightly. With servFaces covers, contamination no longer penetrates the surface of the material and is easier to remove. Special protection from limestone (Vitro Shower Cabine) for glass surfaces also provides a clean and clear crossing of wet cells.

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