Why servFaces

Our coatings form a transparent coating and protect almost any surface from damage caused by pollution and environmental influences. At the same time, an easily cleanable surface is created which, depending on the choice of product, has a high heat and chemical stability and can only be destroyed by mechanical influences.

ServFaces Surface Finishes

ServFaces-Coatings (for example, with Ceramic Coat Ultima) = surface treatment using hybrid glass-like polymer compounds. This results in a chemical stable permanent protection that can not be washed off easily (this can only be removed mechanically).

Unique features of the ServFaces product

– transparent, invisible long-term coating
– resistance to detergents (pH 2 – 13)
– environmental protection and weather resistance
– increases hardness and scratch resistance
– Machine washable
– Easy to clean surface
– unique deep shine and color depth
– without silicone, teflon, wax, silicone
– Fluorinated / without carcinogenic additives
– The coating can be destroyed only mechanically
– The effect against graffiti and protection from virtually all acids
a base and organic solvents

– excellent corrosion protection
– very high resistance to abrasion
– in a seasoned state of food
– Coating is not yellow with age
– Resistance to ultraviolet radiation and high temp up to max. + 1800 ° C
– stops the decay of varnish
– 50% less cleaning effort
– Protects our precious resources (water …)
– environmentally friendly chemical savings

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