Villa, apartment or townhouse? Where you feel good, that you are at home. The interior and exterior areas of the property must be in good shape, so that it remains that way. In servFaces, products provide low cleaning costs, with maximum protection.


Now it is convenient, without expensive cleaning and maintenance costs. Permina products provide excellent protection for patio furniture in the city of Villa, a favorite sofa in the family living room or interiors of high traffic in the hotel business. Facades, furniture, marble surfaces and other materials in the interior and exterior area get optimal protection through dirt and water repellent sealant. Cleaning surfaces are optimized much easier and the wear process is delayed.

Irritant and unsightly moss and algae formations have no chance on the facades and balconies. Even dirt and ice remain hardly to adhere to here. Inside, an optimized surface structure protects against daily stress. This prevents fading, discoloration and staining from dirt on mineral and painted surfaces, fabrics and other materials. In sanitary and spa special hydrophobic surface seals for brilliant moments of worry. Shower, tiles, seams or the entire pool to provide maximum protection against dirt, mold, water stains and lime. In servFaces, surface coatings are free from environmental toxins and are therefore safe for all human beings, animals and plants in the house and garden.

ServFaces offers a concentrated know-how in the field of environmentally friendly interface optimization and sustainable care with real estate. Use our knowledge for your specific needs in the private sector, catering and hotel industry.

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