Public transport is an environmentally friendly alternative. Graffiti and grease leave a bad impression. ServFaces surface seals provide an efficient and economical cleaning both indoors and outdoors – to ensure sustainable transportation.


Graffiti and grease constitute a significant part of the cost of cleaning public transport. With anti-graffiti coating for interior and exterior, servFaces has the right solution. Color adhesion is minimized, which significantly reduces the efficiency of cleaning. In addition to vehicles, ticket machines, benches and other exteriors in waiting areas are also safe for lubrication. For glass surfaces on vehicles and in waiting rooms, a special coating for glass from servFaces is recommended, which significantly shortens the cleaning intervals.

Nevertheless, environmental impacts, such as exhaust fumes and ultraviolet radiation, also emphasize the exterior and interior of the tire, tram and co. In the surface coating for outdoor use, high-performance particles provide effective protection against paint. Cleaning is greatly facilitated, and whitening is reduced by UV radiation. In the interior, the textile coating servFaces protects against stains and discoloration. The coating does not penetrate into the tissue structure and is easily removed. Thus, the textile coating also protects a long service life from wear associated with cleaning.

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