For all textiles inside the automobile. Consumption approx. 65-80 ml / m² Pre-cleaning with textile cleaner


ServFaces Textile Fortis, Strong & Ultima

This water-repellent high-performance coating effectively protects virtually any kind of textiles from water, dirt and stains. The result is a transparent, invisible and breathable protection with a long life.

It does not affect its appearance, respiratory activity, color or sensation and is easy to maintain. Spots can be easily removed. Neither dry cleaning, nor machine wash will not break the seal function. Shelf life is 12 to 20 washings at 30 degrees (yes, by product)

– Strong protection
– Chemical and environmental
– Wages
– Easy to clean surface
– Foodstuffs
– Respiratory active
– natural softness / flexibility
– easy to use
– Resistant to detergents and cleaning agents
– Colorless and clear liquid
– Does not contain silicone, teflon, wax, silicone, fluorocarbon
– UV, – temperature resistance
– No carcinogenic additives
– Free polyurethane
– Nanowax free
– Abrasion resistant

The fabric must be thoroughly cleaned before sealing to remove all dirt, care products and impregnation. Use a textile cleaner (aluminum valve)

After cleaning, the fabric should be completely dry

The surface must be completely wetted so that a thin, uniform wet film is formed on the fabric. Massage the food into a cloth and let it dry.

Depending on the intensity of the application, a temporary darkening may occur.

Textile materials can be processed by immersion or spraying. In addition to spraying, the immersion of the yarn or fabric web is also possible with the immersion bath. Thus, the optimal effect is achieved with low consumption. Consumption depends on the absorbency of the fibers.

After full drying in the air, the product unfolds its effect. The drying process can also be performed with a heating fan provided that the textile is suitable for this purpose. Thermal drying increases efficiency.

Subsequent processing / fresheners:
If the effect decreases, rejuvenation can be performed as with the initial application, if the tissue is not too much contaminated.

Application: from 80 to 150 ml per m² (depending on the type of fabric)
Drying: 1 to 2 hours at + 20 ° C
Cure: approximately 6-8 hours depending on the fabric and ambient temperature
Operating temperature: + 10 ° C to + 25 ° C
Storage and shelf life: at least 12 months at room temperature in tightly closed original containers.

Protect from direct sunlight and frost
Storage temperature: + 10 ° C to + 25 ° C