Leather care cream incl. Impregnation


ServFaces Skin Care System

Skin is complex. In case of improper care, he loses the flexible handle and becomes fragile. ServFaces skin care system is a comprehensive package of cleaning and care products, because well-tended skin makes it more fun.

Modern leather protection
Nothing lasts forever, not the best leather impregnation. Wear and contamination of the material. The system of Leather Care restores skin protection thanks to the newest impregnation technology and strengthens durability. As always with servFaces, efficiency and environmental compatibility are also a priority.

Soft surface, elastic grip – so the skin feels good
Especially tense places require special care, for example, armrests of upholstered furniture, car interior, bags or leather clothes. Sunlight and heat also attack natural fat. The skin becomes brittle and brittle. ServFaces leather cream has an effective filling formula that retains moisture and elasticity without sticking pores.

We are looking forward to your favorite color
Warm red, cold blue skin not only convinces of sensation, but also with optics. Everyday exposure, such as ultraviolet rays, causes the colors to fade. The skin care system from servFaces increases the lightness of the skin. Due to the light protection factor, whitening and color protection are prevented.

Skin cleansing professionals
Prevention is the best medicine, and the same applies to the skin. Well maintained leather surfaces are less susceptible to stains. But if something goes wrong, cleaning specialists from the skin care system will help. Whether it’s paint stains, denim colors on white pillows or deep greasy grease: there’s a cleaning specialist at every place from servFaces.

Leather Cream

Application: smooth leather (car or furniture upholstery)
Not suitable for: nubuck / shede / ruffle

Gray leather cream contains high-quality synthetic oils and fats. They retain a soft leather surface. Thanks to additional protection of impregnation, stains caused by water or dirt have no adhesion.

The skin cream is applied to clean, dry skin. Just apply a little cream with a microfibre applicator. For ordinary large surfaces, a small amount is sufficient. Treatment should be repeated every 3-6 months.

Leather Cleaner Medium

Scope: normal pollution. Easy to strongly pigmented smooth skin (car and furniture upholstery, bags, cases, clothes)
Not suitable for: nubuck / shede / ruffle

An effective cleaning foam comes in a practical bottle for a foam dispenser. Due to the intended use, the consumption is significantly lower than when using liquid cleaners. Another advantage is the stability of the foam. The skin does not become too wet and does not harden during drying.

Detergent active additives do not remove oily or oily homemade soils on all pure anilines, semi-anilines and coated skin. It is suitable for the removal of light water spots or in the case of the formation of edges due to previous removal of stains. Skin cleanser is an environmentally friendly product and completely biodegradable.

Leather Cleaner Strong

Area of ​​application: surface contamination with fatty and oily deposits. Easy to strongly pigmented smooth skin (car and furniture upholstery, bags, cases, clothes)
Not suitable for: nubuck / shede / ruffle

The Leather Cleaner Strong comes with the benefits of a foaming agent. It creates even more durable dirt that can not be cleaned with the Leather Cleaner environment, in particular with lubricating and oily deposits and shiny marks. Using effective surfactants, Leather Cleaner Strong is less harmful to the environment than other cleaners. Therefore, the relevant hazards are also omitted.

Cleaning Tips
ServFaces can also be used to clean dirt on hard-to-reach surfaces, such as joints or creases of handles. After cleaning, the skin should be completely dried, and then processed with a leather cream.

Stain remover

Application: Non-aqueous soluble stains on all skin types.

The stain remover creates even stubborn dirt. The puller is applied directly to the site. For small spots use a cotton swab. For large areas, absorbent, clean and lint-free linen fabric can be used.

To avoid the formation of edges, the LeatherCleaner environment should be easily cleaned after removing the stain. After drying, the skin is treated with a spray for impregnation (chinaniline, nubuck or hand skin) or servfaces Leathe