For all painted exterior surfaces on the car. Approx. 18-24 months / consumption ca.13-18 ml / vehicle


Ceramic nano-coating (including FINAL as the last layer)

The product “Ceramic nano-coating” is a highly effective sealant based on silicon. Ceramic nanocoating is designed to protect the paint surfaces optimally and in the long run – without much effort.

The structure of the molecular matrix forms a very thin, non-sticky layer, which is very wear-resistant and wear-resistant.

Highly effective ceramic nano-coating particles are chemically bonded to the surface and lie above the pores of the paint. After curing, they form a glossy protective layer. This very simple way to optimize the surface Protects the paint from damage such as oxidation, salt, acids and insects.

Thanks to the coating with ceramic nano-coating, the clear varnish is harder and more scratch resistant (approximately 40-55%) than conventional varnishes because of high-performance particles on the surface. In particular, new environmentally friendly, water-soluble paints are very soft in their composition. Even if you wash your car only by hand, wear will occur after a while. With a ceramic nano-coating, they are minimized.

The ceramic nano-coating prevents corrosive and acidic products acting on the clear varnish in the pH range of 3-13.

We will give you a brilliant guarantee for 3-4 years on the surface of the varnish, which you professionally perfected.

Ceramic Nano Coating ensures that the varnish surfaces retain their original appearance forever. The product does not turn yellow and is resistant to abrasion.

Ceramic nanocoating

Long-term protection
Cleaning and environmental protection (pH 3-13)
Increases hardness and scratch resistance
Washing facilities are stable
UV and heat resistance
Easy to clean surface
Unique shine
Colorless and clear liquid
Does not contain silicone, teflon, wax, silicone
Corrosion resistant
No carcinogenic additives

A very simple application of ceramic nanocoating allows you to seal a middle class car in about 25 minutes in a single layer.

For optimal protection, we recommend using 2-3 layers of ceramic nano-coating!

After the sealing process is completed with the ceramic nanocoating, you can additionally coat the “FINAL” on a sealed surface for even more gloss and smoothness. You can repeat this process every 4-6 months.

For servicing between and after washing, we recommend servFaces product “CareSeal”.

Consumption and Care

Consumption is 15-20 ml per vehicle. At normal room temperature, the sealant is stable after about 25 minutes, so that the next layer can be applied. Load capacity of rain after 18 hours. Residual stitching occurs within the next 14-20 days. For 2-3 weeks, the surface of the paint should not be subjected to friction (without washing in the washing machine). At this time, avoid using strong detergents (if possible, use neutral products).

The product can be stored at a suitable temperature of +5 to +25 ° C for 18 months.


Please refer to the exact application of the products from the enclosed technical data!