For all painted exterior surfaces on the car. Operating time from 30-36 months / consumption approx.17-20 ml / vehicle


ServFaces Ceramic Coat Ultima (including final as last layer)

The product “Ceramic Coat Ultima” is the most complex solid coating of silicone / polymer from servFaces and is designed to protect the paint surfaces optimally and continuously, with a moderate workload.

The structure of the molecular matrix forms a very thin, non-sticky layer, which is very wear-resistant and wear-resistant.

Highly effective particles Ceramic Coat Ultima chemically combined with the surface and superimposed on the pores of the varnish. After curing, they form a glossy protective layer. This very simple way to optimize the surface protects the paint from damage such as oxidation, salt, acids and insects.

Thanks to the Ceramic Coat Ultima coating, the clear varnish is harder and more scratch resistant (about 60-65%) than conventional varnishes because of high-performance particles on the surface. In particular, new environmentally friendly, water-soluble paints are very soft in their composition. Even if you wash your car only by hand, wear will occur after a while. With Ceramic Coat Ultima they are minimized or even prevented.

Ceramic Coat Ultima prevents the entry of aggressive and acidic products onto clear varnish in the pH range of 3-12.

The guarantee of brilliance is 5-10 years with professional application!

ServFaces Ceramic Coat Ultima ensures that the varnish surfaces retain their original appearance. The product does not turn yellow and is resistant to abrasion.

The product directly joins the lacquer molecule, improves the surface in its anti-seize property and forms an ultra-thin non-stick coating.

Ceramic Coat Ultima deepens the gloss and color of the surface.

Characteristics of the Ultima ceramic coat
– permanent protection
– extremely hydrophobic property
– Resistant to gloss
– Machine washable
– resistant to cleaning agents and the environment (pH 3-12)
– UV and environmentally resistant
– Easy to clean surface
– unique shine and color depth
– no carcinogenic additives
– colorless and clear liquid
– Temperature resistance from -50 ° C to + 890 ° C
– simple processing

Application (applicable to all painted and powder coated surfaces).

Surface with Ultima surface cleaner, and then clean and neutralize with a Neutra surface cleaner
– Place the fabric over the applicator
– 12-18 drops Ceramic Coat Ultima drips onto the application fabric and spreads quickly to the surface (there must be visible film) …. Change component for component and max. Half hood.
– Immediately polish the product and do not let it bleed.
– Remove the excess using the first special covering towel (first the edges, and then work from the outside inwards, in direct and rapid movement)
– take another new special towel for coating and polish the surface (first the edge areas, and then from the outside into the interior in a circular motion, without exerting a lot of pressure)
– If the strips still need to be visible, take extra thin special finishing towels (5 pcs.) And repeat the process until the strips are visible. (Control with light source)
-Covering of the Ultima ceramic coat: maybe after 30 minutes. Do not wait longer than 40 minutes!
– after the drying phase for at least 3-5 hours you can apply FINAL (or the next day)
– drop 12-18 drops onto the applicator with applied tissue and distribute the products until they are barely visible, and only light oil film can be seen on the surface.
– After 3-5 minutes you can polish the product using microfiber cloth servFaces or you can process the entire car, and then polish the excess.
– If this process becomes difficult, install the supplied spray head on the bottle and spray a little with FINAL (light spray) in a special towel bar and polish excess / stripes. Fresh product causes excess / stripes!
– Do not put pressure on the surface during this process and apply a special liner to cover between the strings.

Do not apply directly to the sun!

The Ceramic Coat Ultima layer has a service life of about 30-36 months. To achieve a higher protection time, you can apply another layer of Ceramic Suave in 30 minutes. Do not wait more than 40 minutes!

For the care between laundry and after washing we recommend the product “Careseal” or “Hybrid-Spray-Wax”. With these products, you can significantly increase the protection time!

Application: 3 to 5 ml / m²
Operating temperature: + 15 ° C to + 30 ° C
Weather resistance: after 18-24 hours
Curing time: 7-9 days
Storage and shelf life: at least 12 months at room temperature