For all painted rims and brake calipers on the car. Approx. 30-36 months / consumption approx. 20-30 ml / vehicle


Ceramic Coat ServFaces

Technology for multiple surfaces. The transparent and high-strength surface coating of the servFaces series is a versatile and unique quality product. It provides optimum protection of wheels, brakes and exhaust parts.

Multitalent for surface optimization
High-transparency coatings form a long-lasting, scratch and dirt resistant protective coating even with minimal application. Ceramic coats are also very heat resistant up to 1050 ° C. This does not adversely affect the burning properties of the surface. The product can not be removed with acidic cleaning agents.

Factorial character
Our goal is to make good products that leave a good feeling. Therefore, we are looking for the best compatibility for people and the environment. ServFaces covers are food products after curing.

• transparent, invisible long-term coverage
• Does not contain fluorine and is resistant to ultraviolet radiation
• The effect against graffiti and protection from virtually all acids and bases, as well as from organic solvents
• Temperature resistance from -50 ° C – max. +1050 ° C
• resistant to chemicals (brake fluid)
• from atmospheric influences
• non-flammable / corrosive
• scratch resistance
• Protection against paint damage caused by hot brake dust
• Easy to clean

The surface to be treated must be clean and free of grease. Suitable cleaners are the Ultima & Surface Cleaner Neutra surface cleaner. On smooth surfaces, you can apply and apply the product using our application and application fabric. After a short reaction time, max. 1 minute you can remove / polish the excess product with a microfibre cloth (special linen towels). Can also be used optimally during fine spraying. The ambient temperature should be between + 10 ° C and + 35 ° C for best results. After 120 minutes, the product is dried with dust. Installation of the rim is possible in 8-12 hours!

It takes about 6-8 days to fully cure the product. (Depending on temperature and humidity)

After curing, the coating is resistant to acids, alkalis and solvents. (PH 2-13)

– after treatment, protect the surface for at least 18-24 hours before contamination and humidity.
– Total drying time: at room temperature about 6-8 days
– a separate drying can reduce the drying time by about 2-3 days

Application: 3 to 5 ml / m²
Drying: 18 to 24 hours at + 20 ° C
Operating temperature: + 10 ° C to + 25 ° C
Storage and shelf life: at least 12 months at room temperature in tightly closed original containers.

Protect from direct sunlight and frost
Storage temperature: + 10 ° C to + 25 ° C
During curing, the surface must not be friction-free.