Safety and comfort are a priority for passengers. ServFaces surface coatings facilitate maintenance. Outside, dirt and ice sticks are reduced. Inside, they protect the interior from stains and discoloration.


Clean surfaces are not only a matter of cleanliness, but also of security in aviation. The optimized surface coating structure of servFaces results in a water repellent layer that reduces adhesion and minimizes cleaning efforts. Stubborn spots caused by bird droppings or severe icing, which can, for example, affect flight mechanisms, are reduced and easier to remove. This ensures smooth operation in the flight schedule. The varnish liner is also much more stable and protected from scratches. The optimization of the surface in aviation has an ecological side effect. Reduced frictional resistance improves aerodynamics and thus saves kerosene.

Internal areas of aircraft are also widely used. Seats, folding tables, handles or buttons are used and relate to each flight. Thus, cleanliness is an important factor for satisfied passengers. Surface treatment servFaces protects fabrics, leather and painted surfaces from dirt and moisture. Penetration of impurities into the surface structure is minimized or even prevented. Stains on the seats or discoloration with clothing can be easily removed. ServFaces also offers the right experts for glass surfaces and stainless steel. Products servFaces do not contain harmful substances and are designed taking into account the best environmental knowledge.

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