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ServFaces is an innovative company in the field of high-quality coatings and cleaning products. We develop and distribute sustainable products and offer professional services in this field.
Open servFaces – an experienced team of German experts, which is expanding around the world.

Today’s society is not very responsible and generous with available resources. Resources that seem self-evident, such as water, clean air, etc., are no longer appreciated in today’s fleeting times. Thanks to innovative surface optimization, servFaces wants to minimize the loss of these resources.

That’s how we succeed!
Highly effective coating creates a dirt and oil repellent protective layer, as well as an easy-to-clean effect. These properties of our coatings not only lead to increased cleaning intervals, but also simplify the cleaning process. This leads to a clear reduction in the consumption of water and harmful chemicals in the form of cleaning agents and significantly reduced wear on the surface.

With our products and services we want to achieve a rethinking, because, as a pioneer in cleaning the surface, our main goal is a clear saving of resources. Continuous further development of our products and services has a clear goal: improving and preserving our environment.

Effect servFaces
Our coatings form a transparent coating and protect almost any surface from damage caused by pollution and environmental influences. At the same time, an easily cleanable surface is created which, depending on the choice of product, has a high heat and chemical stability and can only be destroyed by mechanical influences.

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Real Estate Coatings

Villa, apartment or townhouse? Where a person feels comfortable, he is at home. The internal and external property zones should be concentrated so that they remain unchanged. The servFaces products provide minimal cleaning with maximum protection.

Yacht Coatings

The salty sea air is good for us. Many materials of ships, boats or yachts are different. Without proper sealing, they quickly use extreme weather conditions. With specialists servFaces, the internal and external areas are protected from stains and environmental influences even in the open sea.

Automotive Coatings

Daily environmental impacts pollute the interior and exterior of the car. At some point, the paint disappears or the stains are dyed. When optimizing the surface of the servFaces, the car is protected around for a safe and clean driving pleasure.

Public Building Protection

Museum, school, church or town hall – in a public building many visitors every day. There are also unsightly souvenirs, such as graffiti and gum stains. ServFaces surface coatings provide a clean urban landscape. Here, dirt and scraps do not stand a chance.

Aviation Coatings

Safety and comfort are a priority for passengers. ServFaces surface coatings facilitate maintenance. Outside, dirt and ice sticks are reduced. Inside, they protect the interior from stains and discoloration.

Public Coatings

Public transport is an environmentally friendly alternative. Graffiti and grease leave a bad impression. ServFaces surface seals provide an efficient and economical cleaning both indoors and outdoors – to ensure sustainable transportation.

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